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The Great Physician Rx by Jordan Rubin

Biblical Health Coach Jordan Rubin has been featured on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, NBC Nightly News, Inside Edition, USA Today, and Time and Newsweek magazines for his unique health and dietary expertise - and his astonishing near-death personal story that inspired his passion to transform the health of this nation one life at a time.

Jordan founded Garden of Life, a health and wellness company that empowers extraordinary health and is also the New York Times bestselling author of The Maker's Diet, which has been on the bestseller for nearly 50 weeks with nearly 2 million copies in print.

Facts and numbers like that don't lie, of course, but here's the interesting "catch",though it has sold millions of copies, The Maker's Diet is an advanced book, focused exclusively on dietary health principles (just one of the "Seven Keys" to health) and tailored to those who already have a strong understanding and belief in holistic health.

Meanwhile, propelled by the requests of literally tens of thousands of people, Jordan has spent the past year working on the book, The Great Physicians RX, that, in his own words: "Presents the entire health plan for body, mind, and spirit - the complete guidance from the Bible, history and science in all Seven Key areas of health and wellness to make sure you optimize your weight, extend your life, and look and feel younger - that absolutely everyone can understand, and with a sensible step-by-small-step approach called the "Seven Weeks of Wellness" that will guarantee success for you!"

This book, The Great Physician Rx for Health & Wellness is already generating major buzz among those in media who previewed a pre-publication copy, and with a 300,000 initial-print the largest first-printing ever for a book in its category, is called The Great Physician's Rx for Health & Wellness. It is divided into "Seven Keys" representing each of the key areas of health and wellness, and it will provide an easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow guide through all seven of the keys to health and wellness.

  • Dramatically boost your daily energy so you can do more of the things that matter to you, and do them better
  • Help you reduce risk factors for serious diseases like cancer, stroke and heart disease
  • Optimize your emotional health and outlook. You'll find this is an almost IMMEDIATE benefit with the book because, in addition to the various proven strategies to achieve emotional/mental health that are clearly explained in The Great Physician's Rx, even the very act of discovering that God has a complete plan for you to improve your health and weight is emotionally uplifting!
  • Permanently improve your weight - this is NOT a fad diet book based on flimsy principles, but a comprehensive plan for your body as found in the Bible, proven through history and extensively proven scientific principles, as cited throughout the book.
  • Battle existing health challenges you or a loved one may be confronting, whether the condition is minor or severe.
  • Avoid premature aging. In fact, EVERY secret this book unveils has this as a benefit because - as specified in the Bible - you can live to be over 100 years old. There is no reason you shouldn't!
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Common Makers Diet Jordan Rubin misspellings are Jordan Ruben, Jordan Reuben, Jordon Rubin, Jordon Ruben, or Jordon Reuben