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Bone Broth Protein
Bone Broth Protein

An Explanation of the Phases and Levels of the Original Maker’s Diet:

The Maker's Diet Phases:

The phases of the Maker’s Diet have to do with what day of the diet you are on, and what you can eat on that day. (The best explanation of the Phases and what to eat on each Phase is in the Success Journal.)

Phase One is day 1 through day 14.

In Phase One you cleanse your system by giving up all carbohydrates, sugars, pork products, bottom feeding fish and shellfish, processed meats, milk products except for goat’s milk products, beans except for lentils, fruit except for berries and many oil products.

Phase Two is day 15 through day 28.

In Phase Two you are allowed to add certain processed meats, organic cow’s milk and organic cow’s milk products, sweet potatoes, yams and corn, some beans, nuts except for peanuts and cashews, and most fruits to your diet.

Phase Three is day 29 through day 40.

In Phase Three you are allowed to add white potatoes, all beans, all nuts, all fruits, healthy snacks and some breads and brown rice to your diet.

The Maker's Diet Levels:

The Levels of the Maker’s Diet have to do with the supplements that Jordan Rubin suggests that you take. He has structured the diet into Levels so that you can decide what to buy based how much money you can spend and how deep you want to go into the diet.

Beginning Level includes:

Living Multiple Vitamin
Cod Liver Oil
Clenzology Hygiene system

Intermediate Level includes:

All Beginning Level supplements plus:
The “Cleansing Drink” which is made from:
Perfect Food super green food Powder (two servings per day)
Super Seed whole fiber blend (two servings per day)

Advanced Level includes:

All beginning and Intermediate Level supplements plus:
Am & PM Aromatherapy
Alpha & Omega Cleanses which has been Discontinued

Other products that are discussed in the Maker’s Diet but are not actually part of the diet include:

Primal Defense
Goatein protein powder

Oceans 3 Products
Oceans 3 Products
Common Makers Diet Jordan Rubin misspellings are Jordan Ruben, Jordan Reuben, Jordon Rubin, Jordon Ruben, or Jordon Reuben