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Bone Broth Protein
Bone Broth Protein

Garden of Life Clenzology Advanced Hygiene System

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Recommended in The Maker's Diet Basic Level!

Garden of Life has discontinued making the Clenzology System, We still have the products below!


Garden of Life Clenzology

  • Supports optimal immune system function
  • Promotes vibrant, clear skin
  • Helps maintain healthy teeth and gums
  • Reinforces overall health, essential for enhanced longevity
Clenzology is a revolutionary approach for achieving greater health through the practice of advanced hygiene.
Proper hygiene is as essential to achieving and maintaining optimal health as diet and exercise. The Clenzology Advanced Hygiene System goes beyond basic hygiene, and is designed to improve your current regimen with the ultimate goal of helping you achieve greater, more vibrant health and well-being.
The simple 5-step Clenzology process takes just minutes a day to perform and focuses on cleaning the areas of your body that most dramatically affect the overall quality of your health. Your Clenzology Advanced Hygiene System contains products for your hands, face, eyes, ears, mouth and nose.

The following are the individual components of the kit. Please purchase replacement supplies below.

 The Maker's Diet Clenzology Facial Solution

Clenzology Facial Solution is NOW HealthWise

Clenzology Facial Solution is discontinued. however, we have found a replacement product!

HealthWise Facial & Sinus Bath
Thoroughly cleanses your entire face
Cleanses the mucous membranes around your eyes and in your nasal passages
A natural anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial solution. This simple, safe, and economical formulation offers dramatic, drug-free results without side effects. Please see product details for its many uses.
Ingredients: potassium iodide, iodine and purified water
 The Maker's Diet Clenzology Soap

Clenzology Soap is NOW HealthWise

Clenzology Hand and Body Soap is discontinued. however, we have found a replacement product!

HealthWise Soft Soap
Did you know that 95% of all germs on your hands are under and around your fingertip areas? The constant autoinoculation from hands to face is the reason daily use of our soap is so important; especially for those prone to sinus and allergy problems. The hands carry germs, bacteria, pollen,and pollutants that aggravate our eyes and nasal passageways. Healthwise Soap has been uniquely created to wash away the germ laden areas of the fingertips and replace the natural skin lipids. Our soap is an antibacterial made with pure vegetable base, water, vitamin E, and hand poured into an8 oz. container. It is fragrance free, hypo-allergenic, free of animal fats and has a high ph-ratio. Healthwise soap is designed for all family members, especially for school age children. To use our soap on hands, simply pierce fingertips into container, add water and lather. For your body, use our skin-buff sponge to apply soap in shower or bath.
Ingredients: Sponified olive and coconut oil, glycerin, water, vitamin E , triclosan
 The Maker's Diet Clenzology

Clenzology Tooth Solution is NOW Glacial Blue Tooth Oil

Clenzology Tooth Solution is discontinued. however, we have found a replacement product!

Glacial Blue Tooth Oil

Completely natural and free of chalks, abrasives, sugar, and fluoride - Glacial Blue will change the way you brush. Say good-bye to that old tube of toothpaste and discover the amazing benefits of brushing with Glacial Blue.
Ingredients: Glacial Blue is a proprietary blend of Sweet Almond, Peppermint, and Spearmint Oils.

Fungal Defense
Fungal Defense
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